Biografie | Dr. Léon Scheepers

Dr. Léon Schepers

Dr. Léon Scheepers

Homeopathisch Centrum Antwerpen
Medische Groepspraktijk
Boekenberglei 191
2100 Antwerpen
Secretariaat: 03/320.27.99
Fax: 03/3661223

Senior of clinic in Antwerp with 13 therapists - among which four M.D.’s practising classical homeopathy, two osteopath’s (one specialized in children), one acupuncturist, two psychologists/coaches and a therapist of sofrology. Medical pedicure is also offered. Sessions of hatha–yoga and vocal coaching are organised for individuals and for groups.
Lectures at S.H.O. (School of Homeopathy in Holland)
Lectures at L.M.H.I. (Liga Medicorum Homeopathia Internationalis)

Conducted proving of Insulinum with Guido Mortelmans (2005)
Director of provings of Lobelia cardinalis (2006), Galium aparine ( 2007) and Eriodyction californicum ( 2009)

President of the UNIO Homeopatica Belgica (2009 – 13)
Secretary of the UNIO Homeopatica Belgic (since 2013)
Belgian delegate in the subcommittee Politics of the E.C.H. (2005 – 13)
Vice-president for Belgium in the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (2009 – 13)

1980 graduated medical doctor (GP) at KUL-Leuven
1981 Tropical Institute of Antwerp – Belgium.
1982 “Doctors without borders”
Aranyapratet - Thailand during 6 month’s working in Kao I Dang ( Cambodian refugee camp) .
Sept. 1982: start of solo private practice in Antwerp - Belgium.
1987 graduated Homeopath at V.S.U.,
Flemish school for Classical Homeopathy
started teaching at V.S.U.
1987 Member of Calcarea carbonica (Homeopathia Europea) studygroup for Classical Homeopathy
1991 Start own clinic in Antwerp (
2009 Start education programme in Thailand with a group of 6 Flemisch homeopath’s M.D.
2020 Publication “Lijfwacht” (
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