We Might Be Close To A Breakthrough Moment

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One of my favorite sayings of all times, such great wisdom before enlightenment:

Chop wood and carry water
; after enlightenment chop wood and carry water.
— inspired tribe.

We are close to a big global breakthrough and that is true. Things are getting really loud on the outside – not to go too deep into military jargon here – but in warfare, when the enemy gets really loud that’s a good sign that they’re desperate. And out of desperation come really big mistakes.

This is what’s what we’re seeing on the outside, we’re seeing everything is being increased, everything is being intensified,  the messaging is 
”red alert, red alert, everything’s really bad everything’s going in the wrong direction you know, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.”

And when that happens it usually means that the control grip is slowly loosening, it’s not working anymore and so that’s what tells us we’re approaching a big shift moment in this whole movement here.

So what we’re currently seeing is heightened messaging on the outside. But on a consciousness level we see a really really cool shift: we see a really cool raising of consciousness. And now because we’re approaching this and how would this look like because for years and years and years people
 thought the awakening, the ascension, the new way of living together (whatever you want to call it)
 will be kind of a one-time event.

One day you wake up, one morning the world will be different we’ll be in a better place we’ll all feel love enlightened and it will all be abundant.
I don’t want to sound sarcastic but no change that I’ve ever experienced was that sudden and tense in one moment and the reason being, I think, we couldn’t perceive it, we couldn’t really accept it, we couldn’t acknowledge it if we didn’t 
have the journey there. And so we had a good journey and we had a few breakthrough moments too over the past months we’re not seeing it as clearly
 but they’re there. But we’re approaching a bigger breakthrough and in this bigger breakthrough you will see certain behaviors and patterns that are gonna replicate and repeat and and be presented all across the planet.

What does this look like on a practical level because that’s what’s really interesting, you know, we always approach things first from the energetic level but then we go into the how does this practically apply to our reality. And so what we will see is a movement of non-compliance to the highest levels not just in the regular population.

You will see a movement of non-compliance in law enforcement you will see a movement of non-compliance in government structures and this is something that’s really important to remember when in the past dictatorships or authoritarian regimes were ended there was only a very very short period usually, of violence if at all that really led to, that what really leads to that is when people say: No, we’re not doing it anymore, we’re not participating anymore.

Because that is the greatest power that you have in the moment; it’s not a greatest creative power – it’s just withdrawing energy from one thing and then that is the question: where do we put our energy? What do we want?
But the first thing you need to realize and ask yourself “Am I still a victim of my reality, am I still a reactor to the reality? Or am I a creator of reality?

That’s a choice, if you continue to be a victim of reality and just a reactor to outside happenings in the world, then nothing big is going to improve in your life, because you have not yet discovered your true power. That you are a co-creator in that reality. That’s a really important question for this coming breakthrough we really need an awakening of the knowing that we are not victims, not reactors to reality, but we are creators of reality.

Spirituality is only as good and as important in our lives as much as we can really apply it to our lives. So, we’re moving from theoretical understanding to practical application in our lives and that’s what’s happening, because of the breakthrough. Something wonderful is going to happen.

I know we all have this sinking feeling a lot of times when we wake up in the morning that it might be a beautiful day but there’s this layer of heaviness that is almost like a veil that is above our whole reality here on earth, and I know that so many of us have been waiting all our lives to feel what it feels like when this veil is lifted and when there’s a more a lightness to life and when colors get more intense and and sounds get more intense.

And we’re approaching this time I can feel it. So many of us have been brought up in the belief that we cannot co-create our reality that we are victims and reactors to reality and that we need to just find a way to function in the current reality. But if we flip the script and realize we are the ones who are creating it we can actually achieve great things and that’s what we’ve been doing on a collective scale over the past decades. And the moment is here, the moment of shifting is here, and those shifts will happen in all areas of society.

It might look like everything’s falling apart and everything’s breaking apart and things don’t function the way they used to but that has to happen; it’s called disruption. Nothing can change without disruption, disruption is the moment when something comes to an end and something new begins.

In that little phase in between that’s a disruptive process we all have to get used to new things; we all have to get, create new thoughts, ideas, visions on how this is going to work, and this is the time where you do it. And this is what is required of us in this time because when we say this big shift is coming. It also means we need to be ready for the period in between and we need to have the vision, because the vision is what gets you through the moments when on the outside everything seems in chaos.

So, as things become chaotic, it’s actually a sign of change, it’s actually a sign of shift and then we need to not buy into the idea that there are outside people who are going to tell us how this new reality looks like. It’s us, it’s our moment, it’s not the moment of big organizations, it’s not the moment of big government, it’s not the moment of, you know, any self-appointed guru who’s gonna go out there and tell the world how it’s gonna live and what this is going to look like.

It’s our moment where we get to co-create, we get to align with our natural abilities and begin to develop our skills again. We have all skills we need inside outside, physical spiritual mental. And this is so important right now if you’re not dedicating your time to this, begin please, begin doing it because we’re so… we’re galloping towards this moment and it’s going to be a shift moment but we need not just wait for it, hope for it and react to whatever is happening.

We need to create it, we need to take back our power and realize it’s always been us. We can be a passive reactor and a victim of our reality or we can be the active creator, the thriver, the prosperous in our reality and of our reality.

That’s a choice we all have to make now.