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 Homeopathy for Health in Africa

Four years later, Homeopathy for Health in Africa



By Michelle Pickering, Camilla and Jeremy Sherr


Four years ago my wife Camilla and my Family arrived in Tanzania. We always remember the date because we landed into the annual Kilimanjaro marathon. I had been living here for four months preparing the ground, after having visited Tanzania to practice since 2005. Our mission statement at the time, and still today, is as follows

  • To Treat as many HIV/AIDS patients as possible using classical homeopathy.
  • To identify the genus epidemicus for AIDS in eastern Africa. 
  • To Educate Africans in homeopathy and helping to spread homeopathy throughout Africa.
  • To Create sustainable project.
  • To Show the world the miracles that homeopathy can achieve.


We knew that Africa would be a challenge, but at that time we didn’t understand the exact nature of this challenge. We thought that treating AIDS would be the hard bit, and underestimated how daunting the obstacles are, nor how complex life in the developing world could be.  The truth proved to be the opposite. Trying to raise funds, administration and dealing with bureaucracy, corruption and theft can be incredibly taxing, whereas Treating AIDS is easy. Yes, easy! Especially now that we have cracked most of the genus epidemicus of it. Difficult to fail. Unbelievable but true – the results are amazing, using purely classical homeopathy!

This means that we live in a daily series of ups and downs, the downs being the practical aspects of life and the ups  being coming back tired but happy from a long day in clinic.  This is what keeps us going when we become disheartened. But alongside the lack of funds, mosquitoes and constant electricity breaks, life can also be great, with nice weather (if not too hot), polite and joyful people and a beautiful country. 


As we have grown over the last 4 years so too have our achievements. We now boast 15 clinics up and running.  Our clinics are as varied as hospitals, private health centers, orphanages, someone’s living room or under a tree. We venture far into the Massai land where few white people go, and there are no medical facilities. In all these clinics we distribute clothes, toys and second hand eyeglasses. We struggle to fill an increasing demand for new clinics as our supply of homeopaths are limited.  In an effort to fill the demand we have recently employed two newly trained homeopaths from our ally, the 4Kenya School of Homeopathy, where we have been instrumental in sponsoring three Tanzanian students. 

Together with some wonderful volunteers we have treated over 2500 patients homeopathically. Our results with AIDS patients have been excellent. We see rapid symptom improvement, rising CD4 counts and reduction of antiretroviral medication side effects. Patients show an increase in weight and a return of energy. We have moved closer to our goal of finding the genus epidemicus for AIDS here in Africa. Our list of most often used remedies have been narrowed down to fifteen, making our task of remedy selection far easier than when we first arrived. 

We should make it clear that we work alongside conventional medicine and never interfere with patients medication. About 85% of our patients are taking Antiretroviral drugs, the rest  are not yet eligible for them. As doctors have witnessed the miracle of homeopathy in the hospitals they have demanded a course, which we were able to deliver as a two week course taught to 21 doctors, nurses and medical staff, taught by two of the 4Kenya graduates. It is a real achievement for us to be able to work this closely with the hospital and their staff, teaching, and doing ward rounds.  It’s been a long time since homeopathy was able to take its rightful place in the hospitals working side by side with conventional doctors. Since our lectures in the hospital we have had doctors asking  for homeopathy in their own private health centers.

We have worked on spreading homeopathy throughout Africa not only with our hospital course but also through shared publications and lectures.  Our biggest achievement in this area was partnering with the 4Kenya School of Homeopathy to organize the first Pan-African Homeopathic conference.  Can you imagine the excitement of sharing a long weekend with homeopaths from  all over the  continent:  Swaziland, Ghana, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Ivory coast and others from Germany, Holland, Israel, England and the USA.  Some drove 3000 miles to get here.  The event was a great success, we all learnt a lot and made wonderful bonds with our fellow homeopaths from around the world. 

In another venture we have produced a book, ‘The African Homeopathic  study course’ which is now being used by doctors, nurses and church clerics In four African countries as well as in Haiti. Once they complete exams they receive a free first aid kit.

As you can see from the above we proudly feel that we are succeeding in most of our missions statements. However it is not yet complete. Top of the list now are the need show the world the miracles that are possible by means of research and a movie. We also need to make the project sustainable, so it can run without us one day.  We hope to open our own permanent clinic where we can partner with other practitioners to give patients an integrated  system of care.  All this requires work and funds. As no official bodies or VIPS are willing to fund homeopathy ( we tried!), we depend on fellow practitioners and patients to keep us going here. We thank all those who have become part of this project by supporting us!

We are often asked if we cure AIDS. It does not matter. Officially AIDS is incurable and there is no possible definition of cure. Even when the HIV virus vanishes from the blood as a result of treatment,  it’s presumed to be undetectable, hiding somewhere in the body. To us, or to our patients, this really doesn’t matter. The main thing is that mothers are back at work, there is food on the table, Kids aren’t orphaned and sick people come back smiling and thanking God for homeopathy.

We never dreamed we would achieve as much as we have, nor on the scale that we have, in such a short period of time. Perhaps it is a good thing we never knew how much there is to do, or we may never have started. But we believe in a big vision for homeopathy, and we invite you to become part of it in whatever way you can. 

For more information about the project see www.homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org

For Jeremy or Camilla’s seminars or webinars see www.dynamis.edu or contact us at dynamis@dynamis.edu


For donations go to www.homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org/donate


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